To access paystubs and payroll calculations use the link to sign in below. 



Account Login - Using Payroll Portal

If this is your first time logging into the portal; Please check your emails on how to access your login information. The email will look like the screen below. Use the GET STARTED button to sign up for your account to get direct deposit.  

DO NOT SHARE your username or password with anyone other than McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC and our qualified staff.

While we recommend logging into your account using a computer (since it's the most compatible) we also understand that as a employee, you are always "on the go" and may want to enjoy the flexibility. Below are TWO buttons for easy login access using a smart device such as a cellular phone, iPad, and/or Tablet. Using a computer?

Click to login using your username and password created when registering.

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DISCLAIMER: We are NOT Arise; we partner with them in order to use their Platform Services and connect individuals such as yourself to the Client Program Opportunities. Doing business with McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC is a great opportunity for those seeking a "home based" career option without the risks, high costs, or fee's associated to own your own legal business . We understand that the Arise Platform likes to "push" people into opening up their own business without outlining all the potential risks and responsibility that come with it; Let us run the business while you enjoy the flexibility of taking calls with a guaranteed income and even earn Referral Incentives that you can't get as an owner!   #workathome #career #goals #success