Getting Started:

Setting up your Office Space



Setting up your home office may not be as hard as one might imagine. Of course, if one has never created an office space in the home having a short road-map could help. Here is where McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC come in: with the needed road-map that will get anyone's project started and headed in the right direction.

The great thing about setting up your home office space is that the space can be created around one's personal preferences and tastes. Unlike with working in a typical office, here there are no limitations. Well, there are a few limitations but those are usually necessities. For instance, keeping the office environment relatively quiet or removed from typical household noise such as dog barking or playing children would be necessary when operating a home office. But when it comes to design preferences the sky is the limit.

Still, knowing the basic tools needed in a modern home office is also necessary. Most people know a computer will be needed in most cases, but do not know how fast the internet speed needs to be? Some would ask if it's OK to use a cell phone as a main home office line. And does the size of the computer monitor matter?
















Here we will address and answer these questions and others to give you a good idea on what's needed to have a good, functional work-space right in your very own home. Hopefully these tips on setting up your home office will get you off to a good start.

In addition to the video and detailed description of what's needed for most home offices more information can be found on our blog. Creating a home office space for your particular needs will be most important. Therefore, some of the things suggested may not be necessary.

Also, keep in mind that braking the bank isn't necessary. Equipment can always be added as needs change.


Last, finding the right gear can be frustrating at times. At McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC many of our agents purchase their office equipment from 

We provide our agents with a headset and ethernet cord. You must have a computer, working internet and a place within your home as your work station.

For more detailed information about things you will need to work with McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC such as computer and network requirements, visit our FAQ's page. We regularly post information on our website as well to give you up to date information and trends in working from home. Opportunities may also be seen and verified Arise, as McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC is striving to become a Gold Partner Member.

Most importantly, we would like for you to know that getting up and started is easy! Setting up your home office and working with MSA may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. So let's get you started!